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Renae Abigail Playson
Nickname: Playa girl (because of your last name, you are actually careful with guys's hearts)
House: gryffondor
Blood: Pure
Year: 5th
Boyfriend: Draco
Best Friend: Fred and George
Friends: Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna
Enemies: Cho and Pansy
Looks: Picture

Fave Outfit:…

Personality: Fun loving, love to prank, kind but can really pack a punch ;D

Past: Your mother and father are both pure bloods. Your parents, though, were both sent to Azkaban when you were little. They were framed. And you know that they are being attacked by dementors, the dementors making them go crazy with loneliness and depression. You had to help raise your little brother, Isaac, on your own, because no one would take you, and the orphanage didn't want someone who had "crazy accidents" happening wherever they go. But you met some people. Their names were Fred and George. You and your brother had been walking around. At the time, you were ten, and he was seven. You were walking towards the park, your mother's old guitar slung on your back. You played in the park for money. Both of you usually drank from either the stream, or people's hoses. You both washed in the stream near your house (a diff one than where you drank from.) You both had soap, and toothbrushes and toothpaste. That, along with bread and some cheese, is what you bought from the usual thirty dollars you got. You played once a week. Anyways, you bumped into them on your way to the park. "Hey," George had said. He was smiling at you. No one did that unless you were playing the guitar. "Umm, hi." "Where you two off to?" Fred had asked. "The park." "Can we come?" You paused, then looked at Isaac. He was smiling. He never smiles. You looked back at the twins and smiled, saying, "Sure." After that day, the Weasleys took you in, and let you stay with them. They felt awful for what happened. Arthur tried to reason with his auror friends, but no one listened. You thanked them over and over, they had become your second family. You bought a wand that Ollivander said was a very rare wand, and decided on a cat instead of the typical Owl. When you got on the train to Hogwarts, a cute blonde boy stopped in. He said some rude things to Ron and Harry. You stood up for them, and at first you didn't like Draco. But he grew on you. When he asked you to the Yule Ball, how could you refuse?


Your Wand: Your Cat (Mittens):

What people think about you:

Harry: I love Renae! No, NO Malfoy, NOT like that for the millionth time! *Draco walks out of room.* Merlin's beard I never thought someone could be so protective. But, anyways, I love Renae. As a friend. She is the best! Love her, just plain love her. Cho hates her, though! She's really prejudiced against Slytherin!

Ron: Blimey, I wish I had Renae. I wanted her from the start. I thought I had amazing luck that day on the train when she defended me, yes I remember that, but of course, Malfoy HAD to ruin that for me! *Sighs*

Hermione: Abby is great fun, and can sing beautifully. She plays all the time. One time, she held a small concert in the R.O.R. It was great! She is wonderful. I just wish she wasn't in Slytherin, or dating Malfoy. She says he has changed, but I just don't know, just don't know.

Fred: Abbs is the BEST! Couldn't do all of our pranks without her! Just great. I feel so bad for her parents. but my dad is trying as well as he can to help them. He likes having her around though, and so do I. So I wish that she could always stay with us. Her and her brother are part of the family! The only blondes there are haha.

George: I love Abby! She is the best friend ever! Totally my sista from another mista! Totally wish she was my real sister. She's great. Love her to death. I really don't understand what she sees in Malfoy, but whatever it is, if he breaks her heart, I break his FACE.

Draco: Renae? I love Renae with all of my beating heart. I don't care what people think about us, because we were meant for each other. I love her more than anything. She is everything I could ask for. I don't even care that she lives with the Weasleys! Or that she is friends with Potter. Because she is mine <3

Cho: I really don't like her! There has to be something wrong with her. She is perfect, but in Slytherin! She's got to be hiding something!!!

Ginny: Love Renae. Just so amazing, that girl is. She gives me makeovers! Wanna see one she did for me?? here! *hands me this pic*

Luna: Renae is such a nice girl, and is my friend.


Dumbledore: She is a wonderful young lady, Miss Playson. I pity her for what happened to her parents, but she seems happy with the Weasley Family.

Mcgonagall: Such a wonderful girl. Great potential.

Snape: Dating Malfoy, living with Weasleys, Slytherin, but so kind... SUCH an oxymoron. But she is very pretty child.

What You look like at Yule Ball:

It's the Battle of Hogwarts, and you and Draco are in a room. The barrier wasn't broken yet. Your heart was pounding in anticipation. You were both alone. Draco looked at you with those blue grey eyes. They never failed to dazzle you. He laid his forehead on yours. Your breath was shaky. You loved it when he was so close. He lifted his hand, and caressed your cheek. "Renae..." he whispered. You drew a shaky breath. "Yes, Draco?" His lips got closer to yours, so his brushed yours when he talked. "In case I don't make it," he trailed. You interrupted him. "But you will," you insisted. He sighed, his cool breath entering your mouth. You inhaled it deeply. "Okay, but if I don't, I just want to..." he was staring at your lips, which curved up into a slight smile and you pressed your lips together with his. You pressed your hips close to him, wanting to meld into one with him. He deepened the kiss, and it got rougher. You twined your fingers into his white blonde hair, and he put his one arm around your waist, the other hand on your neck, pulling you even closer to him. Your lips twisted with his. It was the most passionate kiss of your life. He pushed you against the wall. He had just licked the bottom of your lip, begging for entrance, but then you heard screaming outside. He tore from the kiss. Your heart was racing from the heat of the moment. He pulled you close once more, whispered in your ear, "I love you Renae Playson," and kissed your cheek. You both ran hand in hand to the top of Hogwarts castle. From above, you see the bridge being burned. People are falling. And one kid is running.... He's Neville! Go Neville, go! You thought. At the last part, he dropped. "Oh no!" You screamed. You slapped your hand over your mouth. Suddenly, Neville gets up. He had hung on! You sighed in relief. Even though he wasn't Draco's favorite, you still felt Draco's hand ease up a little bit. He must still care about even him. You risked a glance at Draco. He was looking sadly ahead. You squeezed his hand. He looked at you, and kissed your hand that was twined with his. "I think you and I can fight better with two hands. But know in my heart, I'm still holding you." You nodded, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. You slowly, finger by finger, released his hand, and looked ahead. Death eaters were running towards Hogwarts. You looked to your left to see that George was there. "Hey, Renae. How you feelin?" You laughed, despite the moment, and said, "You always had an easy edge to things. Well, my bloods pumping, death eaters are about to try and make me eat death, little do they know they are about to get it crammed down their own throats." George nodded and high fived you. Fred peeked out from your farther left and said, "Thatta girl!" You smiled and turned back towards the death eaters. They reached the entrance. Flashes of light were being thrown by the dozens all over the place. Not seconds after they got through the entrance, death eaters came on your level. One death eater used the killing curse on you, and you yelled the first defensive spell that came to you. "PROTEGO!" you shouted. The curse rebounded, and the man was dead. "SERPENSORTIA!" another shouted at you. "SECTOMSEMPRA!" you said, but you pointed it at the snake. The snake dropped, bloody and nasty. One spell after another. You saw out of the corner of your eye Draco was doing well. in the split second you looked at Draco, you heard George shout, "FRED!" You whipped your head around. "RENAE!" Draco shouted your name. It was too late. "INCARCEROUS!" the death eater had said. You were bound in ropes. The death eater came close to you, and said firmly, "Serpensortia." You felt a sharp pain at your neck, and your scream turned to a gurgle as your vision turned black.******************* "She isn't gone, is she?" You weren't sure who said it. They sound worried. Were they talking about you? You strained to hear more. "No, Isaac, she's fine. See? She has a small pulse going. And her chest is moving up and down slightly." You think it's Draco. He's talking to Isaac! They must be talking about you. But you couldn't seem to lift the weight of the blackness off of you to see their faces. "Yeah, I know, but... She was hit pretty hard. Look at her neck! I can't believe you got her here fast enough!" Isaac said. Draco paused. "I couldn't let her die. I should have never let her go." Now or never. "You never did," you croaked. Struggling, you pushed the weight of the blackness holding you under off of you, and opened your eyes. Draco and Isaac were kneeling next to you. Standing over you were George, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and Luna. Draco's eyes got huge and he smiled. He lifted you up into his arms. "Renae!" he whispered. Everyone else broke into smiles. You lifted your hand and caressed Isaac's cheek, wiping away the tear that rolled down his eye. "Isaac," you said, "Isaac, don't do that. Smile for me, little bro." His lips wobbled into a slight smile. You smiled at him and said, "Thatta boy." He hugged you, and you hugged him, still in Draco's arms. Suddenly everyone was kneeling down with you guys in a huge group hug. You laughed, but it sounded kind of mangled. You turned to Draco. "My voice sounds awful." He looked down at you and smirked, chuckling lightly. "It's okay, Renae, Madam Pomfrey said it was fixable once the wound heals up. Right now it is a little inflated, and really red. But don't worry, love," he whispered. He kissed your cheek. "You'll sound fine. You sound fine to me now." You rolled your eyes at his cornyness and kissed him. "You're such a dork," you said. He laughed. You looked up. You noticed someone very important to you wasn't there. You frowned. "Guys..." you said in your gravelly voice, "Guys, where is Fred?" George bit his lip. He looked at Ron. Ron said, "He would want her to know now." George nodded, and you saw his eyes start to water. He looked at Draco. "Malfoy, could you, eh, give us a minute?" Draco looked longingly at you. You kissed his nose and said, "I'll be back." He sighed and helped you up. George steadied you, and nodded to Draco. George walked you over a bit, Ron sort of dragging behind. You were getting worried. Was Fred hurt? You should go see him! "Renae..." George trailed. His eyes were threatening to spill over. Ron decided to talk instead, his eyes red but not crying just yet. "Fred was.. Fred died, Renae." Your heart shattered. "What?" you said, your voice even worse than normal at this point. "He's gone, Abbs. Fred's gone to a happier place now." Your eyes betrayed you, and you started crying. Awful sobs were wrenched from your injured throat. George and Ron were both crying. You hugged them both tightly, all three of your faces wet with tears. You saw Draco walking over. He put his arm around you and you leaned into his shoulder, ruining his shirt with your tears. He kissed the top of your head. After about ten minutes, your awful sobs turned into sniffles and you looked up. "Come on. Fred would have us laughing right now. We should be happy, in honor of Fred. He never did like sad moments." Everyone nodded, and you all walked back to the tables. People were laughing, and eventually you joined in. It was a time of sorrow and rejoicing. So you did both. A month later, your voice was healed, and all that was left of evidence were faint white scar lines across your neck. You were in a glade, and a baby deer came by. Timidly, it came toward you. You both leaned down and pet it. Draco reached in his pocket, and pulled out a little velvet black box. Your eyes went wide and filled with happy tears as he said, "Renae Abigail Playson, will you marry me?" He opened it and revealed a ring that was so beautiful it took your breath away. You hugged him, tackling him to the ground, and laughed. You kissed his nose and said, "Of course I will." He slipped it on your finger, and you both got married seven months later. And your parents were proved innocent! They got to go to your wedding, and your dad and Arthur gave you away! You had two boys, One you named Scorpious Isaac, and the other you named Fred Daniel. You both lived happily forever after <3 ;)

Wedding Ring:

Wedding Ring:




harry potter facts
Draco Malfoy attended Fred Weasley’s funeral. He stood in the far back, careful not to be seen, and after he thought everyone had left, he lingered a bit. He’d never let on that he secretly thought the twins were quite funny, and he was truly sorry he’d been part of the reason that Fred died. He felt that way in regards to everyone that had been hurt and lost in the war, but he could barely get up the courage to go to Fred’s funeral, let alone anyone else’s. Draco would never tell anyone he was there, and George would never tell anyone he saw him cry, apologizing to a headstone.

During Colin Creevey’s funeral many people came to lay flowers by his grave. Harry wasn’t one of those people; instead he brought a photo and placed it gingerly beside the flowers. Even though many years had passed and Colin had grown up into a brave and heroic man Harry still couldn’t help but think of him as the excitable young first year who had wanted a photo of him. The photo that was left at Colin’s grave bore Harry’s signature, scrawled in the corner. It was the only autograph Harry ever gave.

George gave his wand to his son, and kept Fred's wand as his own.

Sirius' last thought, in that split second between life and death was "Here I come Prongs."

Natalie McDonald, who appears on page 159 of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, was a real person. She was a nine-year-old girl from Toronto, Canada, who was dying of leukaemia. She wrote to JK Rowling asking what was going to happen in the next Harry Potter book as she would not live long enough to read it. The kindly author emailed back, but Natalie had died a day earlier. In tribute, she became a first-year student at Hogwarts named by the Sorting Hat in Gryffindor - the house for the brave at heart - in the fourth book.

While Harry was growing up he always thought of Mrs. Figg as the extremely boring neighbour. But one morning he woke up earlier than normal and, looking out his window, saw an owl fly down her chimney. And just because he knew his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would dissaprove, he liked her a little bit more from that moment.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 when it is releaved that Harry isn't dead, George turns to share this moment with his twin, but then realizes there's no one there.

George would never be able to evoke a Patronus Charm again after Fred's death.

The first and last words ever spoken by Dobby the House Elf were ‘Harry Potter’

During the scene where the horcrux version of Harry and Hermione were kissing Rupert Grint got sent off the set because he was laughing too much.

Ron's patronus is a Jack Russel Terrier, which are known for chasing otters (Hermione's patronus happens to be an otter). Hermione's patronus is an otter because they are J.K. Rowling's favourite animal. They are also apart of the weasel family.

Fred was always the first. The twins’ names were as such: Fred and George. He was noticed first, thought of first, did everything before his brother. George never minded this, he'd grown used to following his twin. Until one day, Fred did something first that George would never forget, and never get over. He did the one thing that they should have done together.

Neville asked the Sorting Hat to be in Hufflepuff because he found Gryffindor's reputation for bravery intimidating.

The hug between Draco and Voldemort in Deathly Hallows Part 2 wasn't in the script. The scene took 25 takes and the hug was in only one of them, the one that was chosen for the film.

Albus Dumbledore was homosexual, and harboured romantic feelings towards Grindelwald.

Azkaban no longer uses dementors as guardians.

Harry made sure that the Wizarding world knew that Snape was a hero and was on Dumbledore's side.

Voldemort’s curse on the DADA position at Hogwarts has been lifted.

Hagrid was still working at Hogwarts by 2017, at 88 years old.

Harry would take his family to visit Dudley’s when they were in the neighbourhood (occasions dreaded by James, Albus and Lily).

Cho Chang was shown to still be attending Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows Part 2, as she was wearing her robes and standing with her fellow Ravenclaws, when in fact she was a year older than Harry and had already completed her seventh year.

Alan Rickman was the only actor to know his characters fate before the release of the Deathly Hallows book. Rowling told him.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were all put on Chocolate Frog cards. Both Ron and Albus Dumbledore consider this their greatest achievements.

Once, in a online chat with fans, JK Rowling revealed that the third scent Hermione could smell emanating from the Amortentia (love potion) was that of Ron Weasley’s hair.

Both Sirius and Fred, Hogwarts pranksters from different generations, died laughing (in the novels).

Favourite genre of music: rock pop rap everything but country
Favourite cartoon character: harry potter percy jackson katniss everdeen
Personal Quote: i dont have an attention disorder its just that.... oh hey look a squirrel!!!
1. His hand gestures when he talks and is explaining something
2. his blue/green eyes
3. his intellect and how it seems neverending
4. his ability to see the deeper meaning in things even if  the subject is quite simplistic
5. the obvious amount of research he puts in his roles
6. his taste in music and how there are different varieties of songs
7. his quotes on life and his take on the world and everything transpiring around him
8. his love for shakespeare
9. his talent performing shakespearian scenes (how natural Shakespearian roles seem to be when he plays them
10. "like with any role" baby cries "hello baby!"
11. loki in his mortal clothes
12. the passion and sympathy in which he speaks of Loki
13. his innocence
14. his respect for life
15. the way he sits like a whore!
16. his upcoming film only lovers left alive and how he will probably revive the love for vampires
17. his reply to an interview's remark that his 10 year old self must be proud of his work on The Avengers "my 31-year old self is equally proud
18. his twitter conversation with Colin Mochrie
19. how he treated his fans in cologne and apalogizing for staring at the wrong camera
20. his adorable pictures with fans and how intimate he seems with them on a friendly level
21. Ehehehe
22. the attachment that he has with each of  his characters no matter who they are as a person and what they've done
23. his teeth
24. his kindness
25. his respect towards everyone
26. his hair!
27. how he speaks of loki as a human being and as a friend
28. Loki and the Loon
29. his interviews
30. his patience with his growing prominence
31. his bromance with Rober Downey Jr.
32. His bromance with Chris Hemsworth
33. the fact that he speaks ancient Greek
34. his cheekbones!
35. the way he speaks about his sisters Emma and Sarah
36. the fact that he loves his life (not in a narcissist way)
37. his modesty to the revelation that he has fangirls
38. his uncontrollable excitement for The Dark knight Rises and The Olympics
39. his determination to getting the role of Thor by gaining 20 pounds of muscle
40. how open he is about his feelings towards his characters
41. his long answers and careful thought put into his interviews
42. the way his tongue goes between his teeth when he smiles and laughs
43. his longing to succeed in terms of his career
44. his appreciation and respect for women
45. his beard and how well it suits him and his child like persona
46. apologizing when winning an award
47. apoplogizing for eating chocolate before an interview
48. complimenting the chocolate afterwards
49. when the coference phone kept ringing and he kept calm and didn't get frustrated
50. his willingness to play a role in Star Wars
51. his love for the first made Star Wars movies (New Hope)
52. the fact that he is in shape
53. his sweet tooth
54. the fact that he is a runner and played a sport in Cambridge
55. how he was ASKED to play a role in War Horse by Steven Speilberg
56. His love for the cinema
57. the fact that he is a fanboy
58. his love for superheroes Superman in particular)
59. how his voice is always so soft, beautiful, and passionate when he talks
60. the inspiring little things he posts on his twitter
61. his song of the day
62. his desire to improve on piano
63. "thats how we like it here in asgard ;)"
64. how he wants to be invisible
65. his shiny leather tie
66. the right eyebrow thats jut slightly slanted
67. how he understands the complexity and feelings of Loki
68. rapping Will Smiths "miami"
69. his multiple talents
70. his singing
71. his dancing
72. how he can speak french
73. how he can speak spanish
74. his ignorance to his perfection
75. his sassy "UHH" in cymbeline
76. his epicness in his dance in his Shakespeare song Cymbeline
77. his totally unbelievable tenderness when cuddling with Ms.Piggy
78. mjoinor in his pants!
79. the way he can do ridiculous things that others won't and people LOVE him for it
80. quoting shakespeare to encourage a football team
81. "On, on, you noblest english! Dishonor not your mothers! Now attest that those whom you called fathers beget you."
82. PS. I have the best fans in the world
83. The fact that he went to Eton, Cambridge, and RADA
84. he wrote an article defending comic book movies
85. how he sometimestouches his beard when he's talking
86. Mumford and sons "i will wait"
87. Ace Ventura 2:When Nature Calls
88. "Dropped into last 10 minutes of #Avegers at my local cinema. Girl in the back literally had an orgasm when Thans appeared.#Satisfying "
89. "Precisely. It's a marvellous word. A marvallous word to describe a marvellous thing."
90. his weird leather pants
91. his velvet suit
92. the way he talks about his costars
93. the fact that even though he is so perfect he still fools around and is a little loco!
94. him singing in Italian!
95. how good he is with children
96. "i'm trying to get a bunch of bitches to kneel!"
97. ho is asgard right now? "they're still gaurdin asses man"
98. "Ain't no short ass gods around here"
99. the way he put his ear next to Else Hemsworth's belly to hear the baby
100. his humbleness
101. more fun than is legal
102. his eloquence
103. the face of joy he made when he was leaping in the 1883 shoot
104. when he talks about portraying Loki
105. the fact that he has the most Loki feels of us all
106. *whistling* *minding-my-own-business* what? I've been sitting here expanding my mind with edifying reading all night #nospoilershere
107. 'Ahoohoohoohoo! I am the bad guy!
108. Loki'd
109. how he was on Despierta America and spoke such beautiful Spanish
110. how delighted he was seeing Kermit dressed as Loki at the Avengers Premiere in Rome
111. how he practically growls "I NEVER WANTED THE THRONE!"
112. Steve and Wendy in Mtv after hours
113. he is such a great actor
114. how delighted he was seeing Kermit dressed as Loki at the Avengers Premiere in Rome
115. how he believes in Loki´s redemption
116. winning the Best Newcomer award at the Jameson Empire Awards
117. the cute little singy song words that he randomly says!
118. how he was so moved during the winners interview for the Jameson Empire Awards that he had to choke back tears
119. his goofery with giant glasses and pink feather boas in his photobooth pics with Emma Watson
120. the way his name slides off the tongue so perfectly
121. his narration on iF Poems
122. all of his photoshoots
123. how watching anything with him in it automatically makes a yucky day better
124. how feral  he makes Loki in the Avengers
125. Cymbeline
126. the way that he's made so many people fall in love with him- and he loves us all back
127. the fact that this list can go on for ever and ever and i will never run out of things to love about Tom!
128. his drawing of Joey which is 'not as good as the drawing in the film' but  is still adorable
129. his grey scarf
130. Friday I'm In Love
131. Cry God for Harry, Loki & Saint George!"
132. how Shakespeare is the reason that he became an actor
133. his Tennessee accent
134. how he looked like a total BAMF in those 3D glasses
135. how he quoted Milton on International Women's Day
136. how his eyes give off their own light
137. the fact that he never has a bad word to say about anyone ever
138. the way he always stands out in a crowd
139. the fact that he can be interviewed the same question for hours on end and he is still smiling and laughing until the last interview
140. his love of poetry
141. the fact that he is a confessed cry-baby
143. Heinz Tomato Soup
144. High as a kite & dancing in the street after #MuppetMovie. Dismayed to find that Camden Town won't join me in a chorus of "Man or Muppet?"
145. how The Muppets Movie made him laugh and laugh until he cried
146. Souperman
147. . how much he loves and understands horses
148. the way he called Benedict Cumberbatch 'darling', and how sweet they are to each other
149. how he made Miss Piggy fall in love with him at the BAFTAs
150. when you think he can't get any cuter, he just did
151. howdoyoutypesquaredonqwerty
152. Stories Before Bedtime
153. his monumental fry-ups
154. Put on The Killers' "All These Things That I've Done", unacceptably loud, & cooked a monumental fry-up. Sang without shame. Cobwebs cleared.
155. dancing like a loon in Cymbeline
156. soon-to-be Prince Hal
157. being covered in green stars and loving every second of it
158. brother, son, friend, runner, dancer, prancer, loon
159. Verified. BAM! To all those doubters out there - I did say the proof would be in the pudding.
160. the fact that he inspires us to be better people
161. when he takes his hat off to talk to Albert in War Horse
162. the fact that he loves Bon Iver
163. how he is thirty one years of age, but he is a kid at heart
164. the way his eyebrows move when he laughs
165. his playfulness
166. Tom totally laughing it off when jeremy Renner touched his butt!
167. Captain Nicholls' look of despair that makes us all cry
168. the way he says 'weekend'
169. his raptor impersonation
170. his carefree nature in the photoshoot for 1883 magazine
171. the fact he sees every movie that comes out, regardless of genre, and genuinely enjoys everything.
172. how he uses phrases like "pleased as pudding" and "keen as mustard"
173. how he would like to play gene wilder in a biopic
174. how he is a cat and a dog person
175. he can do very accurate impersonations of many people and things
176. the fact that he inspires me to be a better and kinder person
177. how he likes the cowboy boots given to him by real cowboys
178. his only fashion rule is try not to look like a tit
179. how he made fun of Benedict because of the riding crop a Sherlockian sent him
180. how smashbortion in "Knocked up" made Hiddles crack up
181. Hiddlestoners think that his hidden talent is pole dancing
182. how badassery is in his vocabulary
183. the fact that he felt the filming of War horse very emotional
184. how he was so passionate about what happened in World War 1 and the generation from britain that was wiped out
185. How he sounds like a gentlemen, even when calling a lady sexy! "Well, I remember it feeling quite surreal having my picture taken with about six lady Lokis at New York Comic Con, all of whom looked much sexier in their costumes than I have ever done, horny helmets and all."
186. how he likes cheese, mustard, chicken, wholegrain, pickle, and avocado in his sandwich
187. His favorite Shakespeare play is Othello
188. the fact that he visited Rome
189. His favorite City/Country is Italy
190. how he and Steven Spielberg bonded over Guinness
191. the fact that he can beat Chris Evans and chris Hemsworth at table tennis
192. that he takes his Tea with Earl Grey, splash of milk.
193. his favorite pudding is New York cheesecake - and apple crumble and custard. Custard is very important, or dark chocolate mousse
194. how 2011 "A really big deal."
195. "Thor's the god of thunder / he rides upon his filly / I'm Thor, he cried / His horse replied / Then get a thaddle, thilly!"
196. how he watches the show Sherlock on bbc!
197. how his guilty pleasure is "Really cheesy dance music from the 90s. Or a double-bill of Kindergarten Cop and Twins."
198. he puts his feelings into his words, while still sounding so eloquent
199. even though he is close to perfection he is genuine and really optimistic about life
200. he has the nicest things to say, even when something is so easy to critique
201. the fact he sees every movie that comes out, regardless of genre, and genuinely enjoys everything.
202. how he uses phrases like "pleased as pudding" and "keen as mustard"
203. "I'd love to be a cowboy. Sometimes I think I might give up the whole game and move to a ranch and herd cattle."
204. the fact that he had a webchat with his fans
205. "I'm a God. Recalibrate your statistics!"
206. the fact that [Laughs.] appears constantly in his written interviews
207. the fact that he knows Prince William from school
208. Yes, it's called Peace Pony.
209. how he doesn't remember what magazines he's been in
210. "Come with meee… To a world of pure imagination!"
211. his interactions with the horse at the War Horse premier
212. "Thanks, man."
213. his adorable hashtags
214. the fact that he actually follows godofbadassery
215. his sneeze
216. his look in the new photoshoots
217. his smile lines
218. #dancinglikealoon
219. Captain Nicholls
220. when he answers questions, he rambles on and on, but manages to make everything sound intelligent and well thought out
221. that little freckle in the dip of his left ear
222. his vocabulary
223. how he hides behind his hands when he laughs
224. his Joey impression
225. how he responds to his fans on his twitter
226. how his laugh is literally 'ehehe'
227. how he plays with his nose and chin while thinking
228. tomhiddlestononline
229. the silly and excited way he talks about a recent film he filmed
230. the way he makes everything sound adorable and fun
231. his confidence while showing his modesty
232. his ability to cry on cue
233. when his hair is wet
234. "My mind is blown."
235. his marvel top trumps
236. the veins in his forearms
237. how he likes the theatre as well as cinema
238. how he likes movies but for a deep passionate reason
239. how he holds his hands the same way every time he says "Marvel Top Trumps"
240. the fact that he went to college before he became famous
241. his on-screen kisses
242. the way he says 'Los Angeles'
243. his childlike enthusiasm when he talks about the directors of his films
244. his control over every facial expression
245. the way he tweets with godofbadassery
246. Stand by, torps
247. the timeline of his hairstyles
248. how we will never look at pudding the same way ever again
249. how he sometimes makes me cry because of his perfection
250. his shout out to the people who have been writing him letters
251. the sexy Deep Blue Sea poster
252. he's not afraid to love goofy, silly movies
253. "Bless you for saying that."
254. "I don't know how to write or post on Tumblr."
255. the way he tilts his head
256. how he tilts his head back and readjusts his sitting position when he laughs
257. when a picture of him makes my heart skip a beat
258. when he runs his hand through the tangles of his hair
259. how he always has something virtuous and deep to say about something
260. the fact that he acts so comfortable torwards men
261. his bromance with all of The Avengers men and Benedict Cumberbatch
262. how wonderfully curly his hair is
263. how much he loves his fans
264. Oakley
265. "Bah! I will destroy you all!"
266. his black leather jacket
267. how the glasses he wore in a photoshoot suited how sophisticated he actually is
268. how he licks his lips when he smiles
269. how awkward he is as Bill with Jewel in Suburban Shootout
270. "Why, because I'm the monster that parents tell their children about at night?"
271. "I am, um, quote 'the badass motherfucker in this film"
272. how much he says "Um…"
273. how he does archery! A bullseye from 30ft to be exact
274. now give us a kiss
275. when he blinks mid-smile
276. "Hey everybody. I promise it's the real me. Take my word for it. The proof will be in the pudding. #proof#pudding"
277. his ginger beard
278. twhiddleston on twitter
279. his beautifully shaped mouth
280. when he blinks slowly, as if he is still trying to process the situation
281. the way he smiles when he's kissing someone
282. the little cute moans he makes when he is kissing someone
283. the way he says 'Loki'
284. the fact that he talks so much
285. "The horse is like, 'I'm just a horse, man. Deal with it.'"
286. his very existence
287. that moment when he has a closed lip smile and it looks like its about to burst into a full fledged smile
288. how captivating and inspirational his quotes are
289. how his interviewer's completely enjoy him
290. his fun interview with Stephen Holt
291. his varied tastes in music
292. the Loki "this is awkward" eye shift
293. how soothing his voice is
294. how excited i and all his fansl are to see his new movies
295. his pouty face
296. John Plumptre
297. when he talks about Loki's helmet
298. when he performs on stage
299. his Loki costume in the Avengers
300. Disney prince Loki
301. how excited he was about the Loki action figure
302. how he made me root for the villain in Thor
303. how he also sits with his legs crossed
304. all of the colleges he went to
305. how he won 7/15 of the awards he was nominated in
306. no matter how someone or an animal looks he never treats them inhuman
307. how much he tolerates the hiddlestoners and our craziness
308. he doesn't think himself above anyone
309. how his characters are so vividly real and characterized and well portrayed no matter how small the role
310. his mischevious smile
311. playing around with Thor's hammer
312. when he is pounded by the Hulk the little squeal he makes
313. The child within him when  watch bloopers
314. how appreciative he is about all his directors and crew members
315. that growl when he lunges in The Avengers at the beginning of the film
316. his smile His overly enthusiastic smile
317. Bill Hazeldine and his "eco-friendly love pod"
318. he makes villains sexy and worthy of redemption
319. how good he is at mimicking other actors
320. the fact that he is the ultimate movie geek
321. the way he bites his lip when he is thinking really hard
322. his beautiful, graceful hands
323. the way he smiles with his whole face
324. how his pink his lips are
325. the way he inspires me
326. "I could kick it. Do you want me to kick it?"
327. the way he always lowers his left eyebrow more than his right one
328. how lean he is
330. how he actually has four leather jackets
331. the way his smile is so infectious
332. his joyful outlook on life
333. "Tell me!"
334. his little chuckle during a dialogue between the two main characters in 'The Red Necklace' audiobook
335. "Because you're, like, really devious."
336. his impression of Sir Anthony Hopkins
337. how in one Wallender episode he sits like a whore
338. the smiling Loki that we never got to see in the final cut of the film
339. his interviews with Collider
340. how his hair is so random and curled yet still is so attractive
341. when he wears a suit
342. the sweet, innocent and loving characterization he pours into Bill Hazeldine
343. How he has Shakira in his Ipod
344. How most of his music is so profound and then he has Will Smith's Miami
345. the way he sneaks a compliment about one of his cast members in his interviews
346. his long pale neck
347. R&B came out of me…I don't know why…it just happened.
348. his adorable American kid's accent
349. his bare shoulder blades in Unrelated
350. how he grins with all of his teeth
351. his forehead freckles
352. how deep his v-neck's are when he wears collared shirts!
353. his reaction to the question about Chili's
354. the little squirm that he did when Jeremy Renner touched his butt at D23
355. his interactions with kids while on the Avengers set
356. his love for Latin
357. all of the hugs on the Avengers set
358. playing Loki in the Avengers
359. the fact that he speaks French
360. his sunglasses
361. when he squints his eyes
362. the Thor deleted scenes
363. his silliness on the Avengers set
364. how adorable he looks when he is exhausted
365. when he wears cardigans
366. his 'angry' face
367. the fluffy sideburns in 'Return to Cranford'
368. Don't start nagging at this time in the morning, please. Let me wake up first."
369. his arm freckles
370. . when he swears
371. the moles on his neck
372. his seemingly limited wardrobe
373. how patient and understanding his eyes seem
374. how he is always so kind to his fans
375. how his characters always seem to get yelled at by everyone
376. how infectious his laugh is
377. all of the new friends i have made because of him
378. the little scar on his upper lip
379. when he says "dude"
380. the little scar on his forehead
381. how when you see his joy, you feel joyful, too
382. the face that he makes when he is trying not to smile
383. his profile
384. his long sculpted nose chin and jawline
385. how adorable he looked with a cat
386. Chili's
387. Loki's hair in the avengers
388. how he is unpredictable
389. how he doesn't realise how unique of a person he is
390. how oblivious he is to his massive base of fan girls and his good looks
391. He never takes anything for granted
392. How charming and languid he is
393. the versetality of his hair and acting
394. how he can convey so much with a single look
395. the little mole on his upper lip
396. how even when he isn't the only one on screen, he is the only one that i notice
397. "I love you. Will you be my wife?"
398. his autograph
399. the Loki sex hair
400. how super mario kart is his favorite video game
401. his ears"If you became a woman, what would you do first?" "I'd probably go pole dancing."
402. how he researches his roles without anyone expecting him to
403. when he works with Kenneth Branagh
404. how charasmatic he is
405. his morality
406. his skin
407. his manners
408. his social skills and look of interest he keeps with everyone
409. how his wide closed grin could break into the biggest smile
410. his eye wrinkles
411. how expressive his eyebrows are
412. his forehead wrinkles
413. how he has humility even though he is a big shot actor
414. how he apalogizes for everything!
415. how his legs seem to go on for forever
416. how he is constantly licking his lips
417. the way he danced with a cigarette in Unrelated
418. the way he dipped his head back in the water in Unrelated
419. when he plays with his hands
420. the fact that he almost got the role of Will Turner in Pirates of The Caribbean
421. his perfectly groomed eyebrows in Thor
422. The way he reacted when an interviewer told him about the comic strip someone drew of him and Chris going to the movies
423. the way he explained the looks children gave him when they saw him and Chris at the movies
424. his slight half-sighing laugh
425. the humbleness in his virtuous spirit
426. "I used to buy box sets and I think I got as far as season 5 before I realised I hadn't seen daylight in a while."
427. how cool of a name he thought Balthazar was for a horse
428. the fact that he has started to call himself "Mr. Hiddles"
429. the way he breathes out when he smiles
430. his suits
431. the way he smokes a cigarette
432. the fact that he is taking the time to write back to some of our fan letters
433. the pool scene in Unrelated
434. his handwriting
435. the radio dramatization of Dracula
436. his little half smile
437. his wide-legged stance
438. the way he sits in interviews
439. his feet
440. Magnus Martinsson
441. when Magnus answers the phone call in the distance
442. his long, slender fingers
443. how he always seems happy/at peace
444. his american accent in Midnight in Paris
445. the look of compassion he gives when he buys Joey in War Horse
446. his eyelashes
447. that little gravelly sound in his voice
448. the way his eyes soften when he is content
449. all the accents that he did in the "Red Necklace" audiobook
450. the fact that he did extensive research for his role in Thor
451. the way his soul shines through all of his work
452. the fact that he has completely ruined my life
453. how he is never at a loss for words
454. his serenity
455. his sheer devotion to acting
456. the way he says "Mario Kart"
457. when he bites his lip
458. how even if he wears the silliest of clothing he is still giddy and doesn't care if it's not "up to date" with todays society
459. his sense of humor
460. how other peoples personality and seriousness have effect on his vocabulary
461. his dimples
462. the way he uses his eyebrows
463. his big beautiful forehead
464. how he never fails to make me smile
465. the kindness reflected in his eyes
466. how he scrunches his face when he is about to laugh or is in deep thought
467. how he uses his fingers for math
468. how his towel fell in front of his cast in Archepeligo
469. the way he sticks out his bottom jaw
470. his talent
471. his humble attitude in the face of mounting success
472. how tall he is
473. the way he smiles with his eyes
474. the black, slicked back hair
475. the blonde, curly hair
476. his "Loki scarf"
477. the picture of Joss' son getting a piggy back ride from him
478. the way he rambles on
479. his excitement for acting every time he talks about it
480. how he always seems so genuine
481. "Dear God, I have Mjolnir in my pants."
482. his wisdom
483. his singing voice
484. his flexibility
485. his amazing dancing skills
486. his "swag" picture with his loki hair in a green v-neck doing the rock sign
487. the picture of him sitting in a car for babies with utter glee painted on his face
488. the way his eyebrows furrow when he is sad
489. his bone structure
490. his jawline
491. the way he pronounces and accentuates words
492. the way no one can tell what color his eyes are
493. the way he uses his hands when he talks
494. the fact that he got into Cambridge, even when people told him he wasn't smart enough, and then he graduated with a double first
495. his "laughing face"
496. his teeth
497. his compassion
498. his honesty
499. when he talks about Shakespeare
500. the crinkle on his nose when he smiles

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